A Multi-Million Dollar Inventory
Of Brilliant Loose Diamonds
At Your Fingertips Now
In Your Showrooms Tomorrow

We PERSONALLy PROCURE the rough stones from
the source -- the diamond mines in southern Africa.

We CUT and POLISH these carefully selected stones to the highest
standards of brilliance. Our own craftsmen cutters achieve cuts as
close to ideal as possible.

We PROVIDE to our retail customers a tremendously large, amazingly
diverse inventory -- on hand, ready to ship on a moment's notice. We call it

We PRICE our diamond stones so low our retailers can PROFIT, while
their customers realize great value.

How can we do all this? Well, it gets back to our simple procedure
of exercising full control -- from source to showroom. There are no
middleman profits because there are no middlemen. Itís a win-win
for our retailers and their customers!


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